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Queue management system have become vital in running various establishments where managing multiple patrons at any given time poses a challenge.There are different kind of queue management system for different kind of settings, for Example, restaurants, offices, clinics, schools, etc.
  • 7 Segment Based 3 Digit Display
  • Used For Simple Token Number Calls in Offices, Schools etc.
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Token display
token display system in surat
Tokan Display
  • Upto 3 Digit Display
  • Voice Announcement in English & all Indian Languages
token display system in india
Tokan Call Controller
  • Increment Decrement & Reset Button
  • Master Clear to reset whole system
  • Segment Display with Tilt View

Applicable at

Display system in india
token management system software
Food Court
Bank Token System
Token Display System for Banks
token display system in india
Service Center