Water is one of the most basic and essential needs of life. But sadly, more than 50% of Indians do not have access to clean drinking water.

India faces an acute shortage of drinking water. Did you know more than 22% of people living in rural India have to walk more than half a kilometer just to have access to clean drinking water? Women and children walk for more than 4 hours every day for water.

The problem is all the current sources of water available to people, especially in rural areas, is unfit for consumption. About 70% of the water is contaminated with dirt, poisonous substances, chemicals like fluoride, arsenic etc., and residuals from water pipes.

The effects of this are huge. According to a report in 2017, 37.7 million people were affected with waterborne diseases every year. More than 1.5 million kids died of diarrhea.

Today, one person dies every four hours due to a water-borne disease. That’s how adverse the situation is. And it’s not getting better. More and more cases of waterborne diseases are reported every year.

Clearly India is facing a water-crisis. So, what is the solution?

Well, we need to move to more affordable and sustainable ways to provide proper and safe drinking water. A solution is needed to make drinking water available at all time for the people in rural India.

Thanks to technology, we do have a great new solution- Water ATMs.

What is a Water ATM?

Water ATM (also called as Water vending machine) is an automated purification system that provides people with water round the clock. It’s similar to a bank ATM only that it dispenses water instead of cash. The machines run on coins as well as prepaid smart cards. The system is an easy way to ensure safe drinking water to people at minimum cost.

Benefits of Water ATM :

  1. Ensure safe and clean drinking water to people even in remote areas.
  2. It’s cost effective as reduces dependence on packaged drinking water which is an expensive alternative. 
  3. Its saves time and effort as people no more have to travel long distances to fetch water.
  4. Ensure 24/7 availability of water for people.
  5. It protects people from all sorts of water borne diseases.
  6. It will make people prudent about water consumption as they will have to pay even though it’s a nominal price.

Access to safe and clean water will not only improve health condition in the country but also largely impact the socio-economic conditions. People will no longer have to skip school or work to fetch water. They will not have to travel long distances or stand in queues. This means they can work more to increase their earnings. In addition, as water borne diseases will reduce, their medical expenses shall also fall further increasing their savings.

Resonent  provides high quality water vending machines which have large storage capacity. Our machines are really easy to install as well as use so every individual in cities or rural area can use it without any hassle. Moreover, we provide a tamper proof design for the safety of the machine.