About Attendance System

This is a state-of-the-art child activity monitoring system installed in schools. The students are issued ID cards that can be scanned on the device and an automatic SMS is delivered to the respective parent’s mobile phone, notifying whether the child present or absent on a given day. The system also tracks the student’s presence on the bus, using the bus GPS device. The parents are notified when the bus is arriving in their area, so they can plan to drop off or pick the child up accordingly. Through the web based user friendly interface, the daily attendance report can be monitored by the parents or guardians from anywhere across the world. This system minimizes the administrative work load and eliminates the requirement of teachers taking attendance physically, thus saving their precious time. This system, over a period of time, has proven to improve the students’ attendance ratio. Employing such cutting edge technology can translate into better performance by the students and better cooperation between the parents and the school staff.
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Attendance monitoring system
  • Wireless plug and play system
  • Real time entry dashboard
  • Track students attendance in bus with bus GPS device
  • Monthly attendance register
  • Less administration work
  • Auto SMS will be delivered to parents mobile
  • Web based interface, report can be monitored from anywhere across the world
  • Improve students attendance ratio
  • Daily absentee report
  • Daily attendance register